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This is a blog about my experience in developing Typo3 extensions. I am focusing on Test Driven Development, the MVC Model and especially on refactoring an existing extension to meet the Extbase framework.

Current development is based on Typo3 V4.5 (LTS), I will change to V6.2 (LTS) later on. My former experience started on Typo3 V3.7. I already introduced a MVC on my own for the first version of a complex 3.7 extension. Now I’m very satisfied about Typo3 introducing MVC officially.

I started refactoring older extensions based on V3.7 to V4.5 using O’Reilly’s book “Typo3-Extensions with Extbase & Fluid” (see References). The basic knowledge about MVC, Test Driven Development, Extbase, Fluid and PhpUnit taught by this book is the basis for this blog. I will tell you how I went on from the book’s basic ideas through the challenges of real life programming to a (hopefully) successful extension.

You don’t need to read the book before reading this blog. I just strongly recommend to be familiar with terms and concepts like “MVC”, “Test Driven Development”, “Unit Test” and technologies like Typo3, PhpUnit, Selenium, Extbase and Fluid (fundamental knowledge at least). I won’t tell you the basics of these technologies, I will purly focus on the challenges, issues, problems and (!!!) solutions to make them fit to each other and use them in real life.

About the blogger:

CS_250x250Christian Stüdemann is a software engineer (actually he studied micro electronics engineering and data processing). He started programming in the 1980s with Basic and Assembler on a Sinclair ZX-81, changed to Commodore’s C64 and later on to PCs while moving from Basic to Turbo Pascal. In the beginning 1990s he replaced TP by C++/Qt and progressed to Java (J2EE) in 2001. Currently he is working on volunteer PHP projects for Typo3 extensions. On his professional path he changed from Software Development to IT Quality Assurance (incl. Test Automation) in 2006.

The volunteer PHP projects are currently done for the websites www.feuerwehr-ratingen.de and www.takelgarn.de

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