Running Typo3 4.5.xx Selenium testcases nowadays

If you want to (or have to) use Typo3 4.5.xx today, you will run in certain trouble trying to get the Selenium tests working, because the related phpunit extension requires an older version of Selenium, which itself requires some older browser versions to run. Here are the details and the solution:

  • Typo3 4.5.xx (actually tested with .32 and .37) comes with phpunit extension 3.7.22
  • phpunit extension 3.7.22 requires Selenium Server 2.32.0 and is not compatible to later versions like 2.43.1
  • Selenium Server 2.32.0 requires Firefox 20.0.1 and is not compatible to later versions like 33.0


  • For the Selenium server it’s quite simple: Download the jar of version 2.32.0 from the official repository and run it using java. If you want to run two different Selenium servers on the same machine in parallel, you just have to set up a different port for the second one to listen to (use the -port nnnn option to do so).
  • For the Browser it’s a little more tricky, because (I assume) you want to use the latest browser version for your personal web surfing (and for your Typo3 development and testing environment) while you have to use the former version 20.0.1 for the Selenium WebDriver. I downloaded 20.0.1 from the official repository and installed it to a directory, that’s not part of my PATH declaration (in my case /opt/firefox-20.0.1/).
  • After installation you have to change your test script to make it tell the Selenium WebDriver to use the local Firefox installation. Have a look at the following code sample:
protected function setUp() {
    $this->setDesiredCapabilities(array('firefox_binary' => '/opt/firefox-20.0.1/firefox'));
    // other stuff to set up

In line 3 you find the definition for the WebDriver that is telling, which Firefox binary to use. Please note that this refers to the binary directly and not to the directory only.

I wrote my own Selenium Base Test class to do stuff like this in order to not copy and paste this part for each and every test class. I strongly recommend to do so, if you want to do the basic setUp and tearDown jobs centralised.

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